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“In my career as an editor and a writer for some of the country's biggest consumer magazines, like Shape, Women's Health and Fitness, InStyle and Glamour,  I've had access to most of the top professionals in the health and wellness industry. I've ghostwritten books with a couple famous celebrity trainers, in fact. That's why I can say confidently that Amanda is in my top three of the best trainers ever. Working out with her is not only good for my body, it's also good for my soul. This is not exercise, it's transformation.”

Samantha Dunn

"Amanda is nothing short of amazing. She creates a safe, loving, energizing, supportive, and nurturing space that brought out my inner writer and helped clear the path to all kinds of creative expression I didn’t know existed within me!"

Manya Tighe

"Amanda's workshop is a reset we all need. In this space, I felt freedom to be myself in all forms. The combination of movement, breathwork, and writing not only allowed me to be in the moment, but also allowed me to reflect and begin my personal healing process. It is abundantly clear that she is meant to do this work and you must experience a workshop for yourself."

Shannon Gatewood

“When I started with Amanda I was coming to her to strengthen my knee after a lifelong struggle with an injury. That was the beginning of changing my relationship to exercise. Six months later —once a week she gets me moving. She focuses on not just a solid workout but on form, what’s right for me, for my particular body. The laughter, joy and irreverence she brings to her training sessions lightens and brightens me every time. She checks in at the beginning of each session to see how my body is feeling—this awareness has made me more cognizant of my connection to it.


As a writer who works at a magazine I sit all day! Amanda brings a fresh and tailored perspective to what overall health and wellness means. She evaluates each client holistically and guides and honors the path to their best self.”

Libby Flores

"Amanda is a fresh and fierce wellness warrior dedicated to helping people fully inhabit their minds, bodies and spirits. Her Whole Human Workshops provide an excellent balance for folks looking to explore all three modalities in one session. Each piece informs the other and helps you access your creativity, open your third eye, and move your body to release stuck energy and get in touch with your physical self. I highly recommend it."

Brandi Neal

"Amanda's Whole Human workshop was a life changing experience.  Her combination of free writing exercises, body movement and the most incredible breathwork exercise felt truly HEALING.  As a coach and trainer, Amanda is transparent, vulnerable, inclusive, empathetic, and loving; she has a genuine passion for promoting the overall wellness of each person who enters her environment.  She is in tune with your specific journey, and holds space for you during sessions.  Amanda creates a safe and welcoming environment, and I trust her inherently.  She is an amazing mentor, coach and guru!

Randi Steele

"There are a lot of wellness workshops out there and I've explored quite a few, but I've never attended anything as restorative as Amanda's Whole Human Workshop. I had been struggling with too much anxiety and not enough concentration and inspiration, and after an hour with Amanda, I felt a complete shift in mood and perspective. Amanda blends the physical, mental, and spiritual in a way that feels balanced and intentional and, as an added bonus, she has excellent taste in music."

Chris Daley

"Amanda helped me as I got diagnosed with osteoporosis. She got me rolling out my spine, sitting on a ball (I have NO office chair now) and kicked off my determination to approach my health differently. Given my great aunt died at a height of 4’6” I have real bone decay in my genetic history. I’m in a much better place with Amanda’s directions.”

Dr. Stephanie Han

"Taking Amanda’s Whole Human Workshop is an integral part of my practice as a writer in recovery. As someone who needs to address mind, body, and spirit daily, this class helps to address all of that in one session. In the rush and stimuli of the everyday world, my mind always wants to be two steps ahead or living in the past. This also means I am out of the body. Whole Human Workshop gets me present, back in my body, and ready to enter the field of the page."

Dare Williams

"Thank you Amanda Fletcher for helping our MECCA team connect to our bodies, breath and being. Reach out to Amanda for your team!"


"Amanda is one of the coolest chicks I know. I took a small, intimate writing group course and have done individual breathwork with her. She created a safe, non-judgmental environment which allowed me to relax and enjoy both experiences. I felt comfortable being vulnerable and sharing my deepest thoughts on paper, which was so validating. Her openness and honesty created a transformative space for my writing, and a deeply meditative experience for my body, all in the same day!"

Danielle C.

"Amanda is a very gifted teacher! I attended a Zoom workshop that incorporated movement, breath work and writing. It was PHENOMENAL! I got exactly what I needed out of it, especially some emotional release. I entered feeling really slumpy and left feeling peaceful and reinvigorated.

Amanda is a great cheerleader, and this class was accessible to all levels. She’s authentic and warm, encouraging and motivating. She is super real, and her vulnerability in sharing her story creates space for people to be real with themselves, or at least that’s how I feel about it. She is very body-positive, which I appreciate.

This was a great space to connect with my body, mind and spirit. It was well-paced, open and loving, with variety in activities, instructions clearly communicated, a great playlist and time to share at the end. Thank you Amanda!!"

Nancy Lyneé Woo

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