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Amanda Fletcher yoga pose

Amanda Fletcher


A writer, editor and coach, Amanda Fletcher is a breathwork practitioner with a degree in kinesiology who specializes in creative nonfiction.


A 2012 PEN America Emerging Voices (EV) Fellow, Amanda went on to manage the fellowship for five years. EV is an immersive mentorship program for early-career writers from communities that are traditionally underrepresented in the publishing world. The program is committed to cultivating the careers of Black writers and serves writers who identify as Indigenous, persons of color, LGBTQ+, immigrants, writers with disabilities, and those living outside of urban centers. As program manager, Amanda cultivated all aspects of this vital literary mentorship when it was based in Los Angeles—from 2015 to 2020–and she took the EV ethos with her when she went on to co-produce the 2021 WeHo Reads virtual reading series for the City of West Hollywood.


In 2021, Amanda recommitted to her personal coaching practice, HALO Holistic Wellness.


Amanda graduated from Canada's McMaster University in 1999 and has been committed to health & wellness ever since. She has used storytelling, movement and breathwork to overcome a traumatic childhood, a near-death accident and a breast cancer diagnosis. An active member of the recovery community and a dedicated mental health advocate, Amanda is committed to showing others how they, too, can thrive in the face of adversity. 

Amanda continues to work on her memoir about breaking her neck in a diving accident and the four months she spent in a cervical HALO. 

A prolific freelance writer, her work has appeared in the Orange County Register, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Ember, Coral and many more. 

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