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Body – Movement


I have always loved working out, but when I was doing it from a place of lack, I was pushing myself too hard. All I cared about was the destination. Now, I try to think about the movement itself as the goal, focusing on the journey instead. There can be joy in the process. There is love for this body, exactly how it is right now. I revel in what it can do, how capable it is, how strong.

That's what I want for you. 

Whatever your goals, wherever you're starting from–even if you hate working out–I want you to move for movement's sake. And yes, I have been a trainer for 20 years and I have been ACE, TRX and Power Plate certified, so I am capable of training just about anyone, but here's the thing–I am really here for the beginners. The newly sober or single. The ones who have been traumatized. The grief-struck. The ones who are afraid of the gym or walking down certain streets or getting in their cars alone at night. 

If a body is a house, I want to help you feel like your house is your home. Because—at least in this lifetime—it's the only one you've got.

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