A writer, editor and coach, Amanda Fletcher is a breathwork practitioner with a degree in kinesiology who specializes in creative nonfiction. A 2012 PEN America Emerging Voices (EV) Fellow, she went on to manage the fellowship for five years, from 2015 until September of 2020, when EV was forced into an indefinite hiatus due to the pandemic. As program manager, Amanda cultivated all aspects of this vital literary mentorship based in Los Angeles–from the selection of fellows, professional mentors and author evening hosts, to the production of the EV podcast and all events, as well as social media management, outreach, administration and budgeting–and she successfully  revitalized the extensive alumni network. In 2021, she co-produced the WeHo Reads virtual reading series for the City of West Hollywood and recommitted to her personal coaching practice, HALO Holistic Wellness.
Prior to working at PEN, Amanda was a long-time ACE certified personal trainer for individual clients and group classes. She was also a writer and editor for AfterParty Magazine and previously worked with a global nonprofit where she helped young chief executives tell their stories. An active member of the LA Lit scene, Amanda has facilitated writing workshops and breathwork classes for at-risk communities,  assisted women writers with their projects in progress, and continues to guide clients through grounding, physical movement. And she continues to work on a book about breaking her neck in a diving accident.

A prolific travel and freelance feature writer, her work has been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Orange County Register, FAR & WIDEBeautytap and many more. Originally from Canada, Amanda lives in Los Angeles and is available for all of your writing, editing and coaching needs.

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